Welcome to my homepage ! Dear Visitor !

                   I am no great personality to have a whole website dedicated to me. But still I have made a website in my name ! Why ? Because when I started to learn web designing ( and that was not in any institution or through book , but by hit & trial method ! ), I had no topic  to build a website on. I even did not know that my efforts to build a website would ever materialize as I was not from IT field. As & as I experimented  this site took its present form. Well when at last I got a topic to build a website , I did not think it right to destroy my first creation. So I let it live ! This might be a nice place for those handful of people who want to know about me.  I have tried to add more than just about myself to this site. Like when I have to send some  attachment large in size etc etc to all my friends I just upload the matter on the site & send a e-mail link to all of them. This prevents choking of their inbox.. Before departing do drop in your suggestions & criticism  of any form in the feedback section. And be sure to visit my official sites . . . . . for the medicos drmoments.com  . . . . . & . . . . .  for all Indians voofin.com


 My favourite quotes ( requires an opening page mention) . . . .


         man may live Eighty years,

         his Feet walk Down,

        The path of tears !

         use your life Well,

         for death comes soon !!

        from North or south,

        At Night or noon !!!


                                      Adapted John Mohune ( Moonfleet )





                Good is God and Evil is Devil !

                                     by Dr Ankur Agarwal !