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About Me
 1. My academic career
2. My ABCD . . . XYZ
Click here3. A sketch that I made in 1991

Soon you'll find my recorded voice & video film in this section !


     Hi ! My name is DEr.(!) Ankur Agarwal ( but some of my friends call me Anky ). My story begins in the last millennium . . . . when god sent me to inhabit this super(b) plane(t), all in good faith on the 3rd of October. I have lived all my years at kanpur . I don't know much about my infancy & child hood except what my parents tell me. I used to be EXTREMELY NAUGHTY CHILD & I must confess I still am to some extent.

      My school education started at the age of around two years when I joined ( was admitted in ! ) the playgroup school for a year from whence I shifted to Prep. for two years ; finally settling at Singhania School where I stuck for the next fourteen years till I was thrown out by the cruel school authorities on the grounds that they did not provide education after the twelfth standard. I will always remember this institution where I illegally ( ! ) snatched away innumerable number of laurels & much more.

     I was fortunate when a full brigade of morons allowed me make an irreparable blunder of studying at a medical college ... GSVM of Kanpur. Here I have studied for five years. I cherish numerous invaluable memories as a part of this institution. The authorities here, ultimately, discovered my plans of sabotage & piracy . But it was too late & I escaped unhurt.

    I next tried to join several terrorist outfits but they doubted my capabilities. I finally terrorised to submission authorities of a hospital to allow me to do internship ( international smuggling using a ship ). I am presently landing up into greater acts of vandalism which can be seen in"resume" section of this site

   As regards my likes & dislikes are concerned I love barbarianism & indiscipline. I love to play dacoity-dacoity & scores of games like that. I dislike gentleness, fraternity & good things ( as all good things have come to an end ). I am haunted by several nightmares .

   As regards my family friends & relatives are concerned, I have one sweet little sis & a sweet sweet momsy & a gooddy goody popsy. I have my near & dear relatives & relatives whom I shun. My friends they are just innumerable( My definition of a friend includes all those who are not my relatives ).


   My stor(e)y is not yet complete. I'll add more the next time I take up my VIRTUAL PEN...... wait uptil then !

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